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Long Products Committee Task Force: rebar and street furniture

The current Long Products Committee Task Force is working on two key projects, namely the partial use of stainless steel reinforcement in the building and infrastructure (B&I) sector and stainless steel street furniture.

Currently around 900 million tonnes of steel products are used annually in the B&I sector and a tiny proportion of that total are stainless steels. Furthermore around 36% of the 900 million tonnes are reinforcing products. The notion of the selective use of stainless steel reinforcement is a game-changer reinforcement for the longevity of structures, particularly those built close to coastlines and in locations above the snow lines where de-icing salts are regularly used. All across our world we have many structures, particularly bridges, that are in a poor state of repair with reinforcement corrosion, concrete degradation and fatigue resulting from heavy traffic use being consistently cited in the Top 3 reasons for bridge degradation.

The task force is currently creating a set of promotional materials to assist members in the drive to increase the proportion of stainless steel usage in structural applications. In support of this work worldstainless has also created a complex bridge materials sustainability model which will be presented at the forthcoming worldstainless-28 annual conference running between 21 and 24 May 2024 in Istanbul.

The second task force project covers the use of stainless steels for urban street furniture, particularly following the development in the City of Melbourne to extensively use stainless steel long products for urban seats and benches within the city center. The benefits of using stainless steel street furniture as adopted in Melbourne have been huge and include significantly lower life cycle costs, massively reduced damage to the street furniture, ease of cleaning (particularly graffiti removal), much lower life cycle emissions and an attractive city center which has increased the footfall in the city. The LPC task force is currently developing a members promotional and educational pack for stainless steel street furniture which will include the benefits of choosing stainless steels from the following perspectives …. service life, aesthetics, low maintenance, life cycle (costs and emissions), surface finish possibilities, environmental and co-material usage.

The task force is strongly supported however if any other members would like to join this task force, please do not hesitate to contact worldstainless Secretary General, Tim Collins (