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Lhyfe and Swiss Steel Group subsidiary UGITECH sign MoU to decarbonise steelmaker’s operations using green hydrogen

The signed memorandum of understanding between Lhyfe and Ugitech represents a significant step towards decarbonizing industrial processes, particularly in the steel sector, which is known for its heavy reliance on fossil fuels. By replacing natural gas with green hydrogen in certain thermoprocessing equipment, Ugitech aims to significantly reduce its carbon footprint, potentially avoiding the emission of 16,000 tonnes of CO₂ annually.

The planned green hydrogen production unit, with a capacity of up to 12 tonnes per day, underscores the commitment to scaling up renewable energy sources for industrial use. This initiative not only aligns with Swiss Steel Group’s decarbonization roadmap but also sets a precedent in Europe for transitioning towards cleaner energy in the stainless steel sector.

Beyond decarbonizing industrial operations, the project holds broader implications, particularly in the context of the 2030 Winter Olympics in the French Alps. By contributing to a sustainable model of winter tourism, the initiative emphasizes the multifaceted benefits of green hydrogen adoption, extending beyond industrial applications to environmental sustainability and local economic development.

As the partners proceed to the feasibility study phase, the project’s success will hinge on various factors, including regulatory approvals, investment decisions, and technological assessments. Nevertheless, with the support of initiatives like HYDREAMS and the backing of European partners and funding, the transition to green hydrogen presents a promising avenue for driving sustainable innovation in the steel industry and beyond.

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