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Leading Aluminium Recycling Organisation (ALUPRO) joins the UK Metals Council

ALUPRO, the industry funded, not for profit, aluminium recycling organisation has recently joined the UK Metals Council, UKMC.

In welcoming ALUPRO as a new member of the Council, Chris McDonald, UKMC Chair and Chief Executive of the Materials Processing Institute said, “We are delighted to welcome ALUPRO to the UKMC.  The work undertaken by ALUPRO aligns closely with the strategic objectives of the Metal’s Council as we all recognise the significant supply chain associated with the recovery, recycling and re-use of metals.  Indeed, this growing sector is becoming an increasingly important part of the UK’s circular economy and will play a key role in our sovereign capability and in the future supply of critical materials.”

ALUPRO has 28 members, representing the full supply chain associated with aluminium packaging in the UK, from processors through to rollers, packaging converters and brands that use aluminium.

Last year saw the highest ever recycling rates for aluminium packaging reaching 82% for beverage cans and 68% for aluminium packaging.  As well as through continued improvements in kerbside recycling these rates were achieved thanks to numerous national partnerships, such as by working with schools, local authorities, the waste management industry and the wider metals packaging sector in order to further stimulate the UK’s collection infrastructure.

On joining the UKMC, ALUPRO General Manager, Tom Giddings, said, “We are making good progress in our drive to increase the recycling rate of aluminium packaging. However, our member organisations are facing an increasing number of both challenges and opportunities in the current business environment. By joining the UK Metals Council, we want to add our voice and our support to help enable the Council to achieve its strategic objectives. We are looking forward to actively playing our part in helping to grow the already vibrant circular economy for metals, as permanent materials, in the United Kingdom.”

Chris McDonald

Chair, UK Metals Council

Notes for the editor

  • The UK Metals Council comprises 11 UK Trade Associations from the metals sector.
  • The sector comprises 11,100 companies.
  • The sector has a £33 billion annual turnover.
  • There are 230,000 direct employees and 750,000 jobs supported by the sector.
  • Contributes £200 billion to UK GDP

Key strategic objectives of the Metals Council

  • Developing supply chains
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Developing skills
  • Circular economy and sustainability
  • Improved representation of the sector ensuring a level playing field

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