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Join the Net Zero Innovation Network: A Call to Action for BSSA Members

WMG at the University of Warwick proudly announces new dates for the Net Zero Innovation Network Cohort Programme, a pioneering initiative designed to bring together companies committed to integrating sustainability into their manufacturing processes. This initiative aims to inspire new partnerships and projects that align with the UK’s ambitious sustainability goals.

Who Can Join?

The Net Zero Innovation Network is seeking participation from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that meet the following criteria:

Essential Criteria:

  • Small or Medium Enterprise
  • Located in the West Midlands Combined Authority area

Preferable Criteria:

  • Manufacturers
  • High CO2 emitters and energy users

Why Join?

Participating in the Net Zero Innovation Network offers numerous benefits for your business. By joining a cohort of like-minded manufacturing businesses, you can:

  • Gain Knowledge: Learn from experts and peers about sustainable manufacturing practices and how to respond to new requirements.
  • Implement Change: Discover actionable strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and enhance energy efficiency.
  • Grow Your Business: Explore new opportunities for growth and increased profitability through sustainable innovation.

🔗 Read how Alucast saved £78k in energy costs

🔗 Read how Kingfisher Enamelling used waste heat to power other parts of the business

🔗 Read how Armac Martin are on track to reduce emissions by 50%

How to Get Involved

We invite BSSA members to seize this opportunity to make a significant impact on their sustainability journey. The upcoming cohorts will convene on the following dates and locations, and you can register via the links below:

These sessions, pre-funded through the shared prosperity fund, are an invaluable opportunity for businesses in the West Midlands to come together, share insights, and drive meaningful change.

Next Steps

For more details and case studies visit the WMG website or reach out to the WMG SME team directly:

Let us work together to achieve Net Zero and pave the way for a greener manufacturing industry 💚