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ISSF Webinar: Stainless steels; for Safe and Sustainable Electric Buses – Thursday 25th February

The way we travel is being transformed. By 2050 the internal combustion engine will probably be a thing of the past, not just for cars, but for all modes of transport. Even the notion of switching away from personal transport to public transport in urban settings is gaining more support. Today, in 2021, more and more buses are electric or hybrid, making public transport an even more environmentally-friendly and sustainable way of getting from one place to another. And what if, these buses could be even more environmentally friendly? Running on a minimal amount of energy, providing a safer transport experience and having a longer life? With stainless steel bus frames, this is not a futuristic option, but one that has been realised already today.

This webinar will explain why stainless steel is a compelling option for bus frames, by comparing it to other materials, not only for financial costs, but also environmental ones and safety considerations.

Date:               Thursday 25 February 2021

Time:               two times the same session; one at 08:00 CET and one at 15:00 CET

Presenter:       Frank Sukjun YOON, Market Development Fellow at ISSF