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International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) will become the world stainless association

After 26 years, the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) will become the world stainless association.

The primary roles of the association remain exactly the same. The association will undertake stainless steel industry beneficial tasks that are better coordinated centrally in the fields of

  • Promoting industry and material sustainability benefits
  • Conserving resources and promoting the circular economy
  • Providing economic and industry-leading statistics
  • Support industry health & safety needs and developments
  • Outlining market development and expansion opportunities
  • Maintaining brand reputational positioning
  • Materials education

Tim Collins, Secretary-General of the world stainless association explains that the organization needs to develop a higher profile to present both the ‘circular industry’ and material sustainability cases to wider audiences outside the industry. The services provided to our members, partner and other organizations and the public will essentially remain the same. We have however, augmented our portfolio with clear demonstrations of both the sustainability and unparalleled life-cycle benefits that stainless steels provide across many usage sectors.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jo Claes ( for more information.