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Innovative Manufacturing Working Group – Tuesday 29th June

Welcome to our very first Innovative Manufacturing Working Group meeting!

Join us for this online event, to bring manufacturers, academic partners, funding bodies and others together, to look at how we can promote and support manufacturing innovation across the region. Aiming to help companies get on the first rung of the innovation ladder or continue to progress up it we have a mixture of stories. We will share some examples of short, immediate impact activities undertaken in a low risk manner. We will also hear from two manufacturers at the cutting edge of innovation, one who is pushing forward with technology over a longer time period and another challenging the way in which we approach our manufacturing, and supply chain processes. An inspiration to us all and an opportunity to consider how we look at our own organisation.

Talking about innovation is great and inspiring but we need to go further. We are pleased to have a segment specifically dedicated to organisations promoting funding calls, and for businesses that want to find others to work on specific manufacturing challenges that require innovative thinking or technology. Do you have a need for a partner for an innovation challenge? Come and share it!

This is the first of our Innovative Manufacturing Working Group meetings so we are keen to hear from you as manufactures as to what could the group do to help you look at new ways of working or enter new markets/ extend your offering with existing customers? Are there specific themes you would like the group to address over the coming year to help you gain a greater understanding of technology or innovation approaches or learn from others how these worked for them? Please come along and share your thoughts.


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