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Innovation Challenge to Digitalize the Quality Control of Metallic Structures at Construction Sites

Innovation challenge to digitalize the quality control of metallic structures at construction sites.

Ennomotive launches an online competition to find the design of a drone-operated system for the quality control of the installation of steel profiles.

Process digitalization is a great opportunity to improve the operational efficiency in construction sites. The progress in technologies like geolocation, lidar, image treatment, or artificial intelligence opens the door for new opportunities to digitalize processes in construction sites.

The building of metallic structures requires both preparations in the factory (sheeting, cutting, welding, etc.) and on-site (positioning, anchoring, etc.). Although factories have the required resources, sometimes the assembly of structures takes place in remote locations where technical and human resources are very limited. This may endanger the correct assembly and quality of the structure.

The main goal of this challenge is to find a drone control system solution that makes profile-installation easier, reduces execution errors, controls the quality of the structures, and cuts execution costs.

This online competition is open worldwide to any engineering professional, company, university, or tech center that wants to propose a solution for this challenge. The winner may sign commercial and operating agreements with the company that proposes this challenge.

There are 12,000 EUR in prizes to prototype up to 4 of the best ideas for this competition. Interested participants should sign up at and submit their solution before the 15th of December.