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Help us find out why you didn’t attend the BSSA Annual Conference & Dinner 2023 and what would encourage you to come in 2024

🙏 We need your help! 🙏

The BSSA hosted our Annual Conference and Dinner 2023 in May at the fabulous Grand Hotel in Birmingham. Our conference had a varied agenda with 9 very different presentations, followed by a sumptuous dinner and lots of networking opportunities. We have feedback from our attendees, but we would really like to know why you didn’t come in 2023 and what would encourage you to attend in 2024?

We are at the early planning stages of our BSSA Annual Conference & Dinner 2024 event. Your views really matter to us as YOU decide what we do.

The BSSA would really appreciate your thoughts and comments. We welcome feedback from members and non-members. Please spare us a few minutes to complete this short survey ⬇️

BSSA Annual Conference 2023 Non-Attendee Feedback Survey

Big thanks from Rob & Kate! 🙏🙏