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Gas and electricity supply priority lists

Useful links on how companies can apply for priority status should we have disruption to our energy supplies. It’s worth noting, however, that the hurdles are very high, so only the largest steel and aluminium plants are likely to qualify.

The Government states that further disruption to the global energy market must happen for such disruption to become a reality (i.e. the lack of Russian gas is not enough on its own to disrupt UK supply, mainly because we have significant LNG facilities).


The above link explains that the Business Secretary has amended the categories that gas transporters must use to determine who is prioritised for gas supply in the event of a supply disruption event. Category 3 applies, but you’ll see that the hurdle is especially high, so only the largest users will likely qualify. Companies should contact their suppliers, as Government does not control the list.


The link details the categories where electricity providers will prioritise electricity supply in the event of a supply disruption event. The initial process, described in para 5.4, requires companies to contact their suppliers. If there’s disagreement then companies can contact BEIS for mediation.