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Free Technical Support Programmes for Metals SMEs

SME Support programmes from the University of Birmingham

Attached is a brief overview of AMCASH – the materials support programme that Mike leads from a business engagement point of view.

  1. Roadmap to Net Zero, Energy Efficiency

Key factor will be a shift from gas-fuelled plant to renewable-electricity-fuelled equipment

Potential support:

–          Environmental product declarations – ARLI

–          Energy Efficiency – ATETA

o   Short-term opportunity: ATETA to contact Wedge Group company, Hasco-Thermic.

  1. Waste Stream Management

Circular economy increasing pressure to manage, including re-use, wastes

Potential support from ARLI, AMCASH

  1. Skills

Lack of training and apprenticeships.  Focus on skills enhancement

Potential support in Materials / Metallurgy from ARLI and AMCASH.  They will investigate opportunities and develop proposals for CPD packages, and other options.

  1. Funded Support – Communications to Association members

Our programmes work with numerous industry associations, including those in the metals industries, including CMF and CBM.  Under this work stream we can communicate current funded support opportunities at UoB – literature, webinars, articles to the TAs and to the UK Metals Council, and its other Council members.