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Free CBAM Webinar – 6th March @ 11:00

We are aware that the Carbon Boarder Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is playing an increasing role in our businesses. There is still much to understand about the CBAM processes and how they will impact on the way we do business going forwards. The BSSA is very pleased to be hosting Cbamboo who will cast some light onto this new and somewhat complex legislation and how it will impact on UK businesses.

  • The EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is a game-changing new law for steel importers and exporters. It mandates an unprecedented level of carbon emissions accounting and data sharing throughout the iron and steel supply chain. EU firms that fail to comply face fines; non-EU firms that fail to provide the right data may be shut out of the European market altogether. But getting CBAM right is a challenge.

  • Cbamboo is a startup that is building compliance tools to guide firms through their CBAM obligations. Gabriel Rozenberg is the CEO and co-founder of Cbamboo and has been working closely with stainless steel firms in both the EU and the UK. This webinar will walk you through how your firm can collect CBAM data and use it to strengthen your business positioning in the long term.