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FOR DISTRIBUTORS SHIPPING TO NORTHERN IRELAND: Changes to the method of declaration through the Customs Declaration Service from 24th March 2024

From 24 March 2024, we’ll be making changes that will affect how you make declarations into Northern Ireland through the Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

To move steel without being subjected to safeguard charges where relevant quotas are open, from 24 March 2024 you (or your agent or intermediary) must no longer use the code ‘NIREM’. Instead, you must use the code ‘NIQUO’ in field DE 2/2 (additional information).

Where you use the code ‘NIQUO’ to move steel subject to safeguard charges from any country outside the UK or the EU to Northern Ireland, you must still provide the UK Quota order number in DE 8/1 (quota).

You should only use the code NIQUO in the instances prescribed in this letter.

Detailed instructions on how to access quotas for all categories of steel from 24 March 2024 are provided in the annex to this letter.

How to get further support

The Steel Notice will be updated on 24 March 2024 setting out the changes (please search for ‘steel notice’ on GOV.UK, or go directly to:

For additional support on moving steel into NI, the Trader Support Service provides assistance and can make these declarations on behalf of traders (please search for ‘trader support service’ on google, or go directly to:

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact:

Steel TRQ NIQUO Letter for Industry (March 2024)