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Exciting News: UK Metals Expo 2023 Seminars Now Available as a Podcast Series!

UK Metals Expo 2023 was a resounding success! Attendees from various sectors of the industry praised the exceptional quality of our speakers and the undeniable relevance of the topics discussed.

In our continuous commitment to advancing the entire metals supply chain and fostering knowledge sharing, we are delighted to announce that we have transformed our live seminars into a captivating podcast series.

This means that you and the wider community can tap into these valuable insights, contributing to the industry’s growth and prosperity.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we gear up for UK Metals Expo 2024, scheduled for September 11th and 12th in a larger hall at the NEC.

We eagerly look forward to collaborating with you once again and continuing our journey towards shaping the future of the metals industry.

🔉 Listen to the 2023 podcast series now