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ISSF Webinar – Wasting Fresh Water: Stopping Systemic Failures – 26th November 2020

Around one third of valuable treated drinking water is lost through leaks in distribution systems. Not only in developing cities, even the capital cities of major economies are losing far more water than is sustainable. In Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei they have

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A Beginners Guide to Stainless Steel – Sheffield – 2nd December 2020 – Postponed

13:30-16:30 The Innovation Centre, 217 Portobello, Sheffield, S1 4DP A Beginners Guide to Stainless Steel is a precursor to the successful Understanding Stainless Steel course. This course runs for 3 hours and is designed to be less technical in content. It

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Understanding Stainless Steel: 1 Day Course – Sheffield – 1st December 2020 – Postponed

This extended course provides an overview of the types of stainless steel available, with emphasis on structure, properties and end uses. An important aim is to provide up-to-date information to help with the selection of the most appropriate grade(s). This

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