Anyone exporting needs to determine if a license is required for their products, and if so, what type of license.Anyone that is involved with licensable products and Dual Use Items would benefit from this half-day session.If you need guidance on how to apply for licenses, what it means for your shipments and how to follow the correct procedure, this course will suit.

Course content

By the end of July 2023 exports from the UK were up over 16% on the previous year.

Businesses know that they can and should be able to grow their profits by exporting.  An added complexity comes with licensable products which require particular licenses and Government approvals.

Our expert trainer will be able to take attendees through processes around the topics to be able navigate successfully within their own business.

The different types of licenses available will be explored and how to determine if your goods require these.

Topics will include:

  • Introduction to export controls
  • Reasons for needing a licence
  • UK Legislation
  • UK Strategic Controls List- Military and Dual use lists
  • Types of licence
  • OGELs
  • Adhering to the T&Cs
  • Reading an OGEL
  • Individual licences
  • SPIRE and the application process
  • Other export controls- USA, Trade controls & Sanctions
  • Compliance

Member’s fee (BSSA or Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce):  £216.00 inc. VAT

Non-member’s fee: £300.00 inc. VAT

Introduction to export controls & licences