For those wanting enough knowledge to make a decision before committing to the process, this is the course to choose.Any business involved in the international supply chain that carries out customs related activities in the EU can apply for AEO status, regardless of their size.

Course content

The attendee will gain an insight as to why their business should consider obtaining AEO status.

With Brexit now a reality, businesses trading with Europe are now becoming familiar with the need to Customs clear their goods when they are buying and/or selling into or out of the EU.

Whilst this in itself almost certainly means additional administration and cost, another concern is whether their goods might be delayed on leaving or entering the EU as well as other countries across the world.

Achieving Authorised Economic Status (AEO) is one way to mitigate this risk as it is a benefit to holders of this Accreditation that their goods are given priority treatment when they pass through Customs borders.

It may also mean reduced Customs administration and associated costs when buying/selling not just to/ from the EU but across the globe.

This one-day course is designed to help businesses understand why there might be a benefit in achieving AEO Status and what is required within a business to achieve this Accreditation.


The day will consist of various discussions, guidance, and explanations on the following subjects:

  • Background to AEO
  • International Supply Chain
  • Types of AEO status
  • Security & Safety
  • Customs Simplification
  • The Application process and Criteria required to be met
  • Authorisation
  • Managing AEO Authorisation once granted

Member’s fee (BSSA or Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce):  £300.00 inc. VAT

Non-member’s fee: £384.00 inc. VAT

Introduction to Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)