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European scrap in lull, sources forecast increases

The European scrap market is going through a generalised lull, sources in Italy, France and Germany report. According to last week’s events in the international scrap market, forecasts for April are of another possibly slight increase on all grades.

The market quiet is caused by a wait-and-see attitude as players await some better international visibility. However, with all raw materials increasing, some sellers dare to forecast a €20/tonne ($22/t) hike, particularly for those automotive grades such as new arisings high E8 and the high E40 quality currently in short supply.

The March scrap market in Europe has been two-tier with prices increasing by €90-100/t in France and Germany, by over €100/t in Eastern European countries and only by €50-60/t on average in Italy. If Italian values were previously the highest in Europe in February, they are now lower compared to France and Germany.

This month French scrap prices have reached €570-580/t delivered for the E8 mixed quality and over €600/t delivered for packs of E8. E1C, a cheaper grade also in high demand, was transacted at €490-500/t delivered, while E40 was sold this month at €540-545/t delivered. E3 was also sold at €540-550/t delivered, sources suggest.

German values for March are in line with French with E1C sold at €490-500/t delivered, E8 also at €580/t delivered, over €600/t for packs of E8 and €530/t delivered on average for demolition grade E3. E40 was paid €540-550/t delivered, Kallanish notes.

Italian mills have this month requested less E8, lamenting high prices. They paid for the mixed E8 grade €520-530/t delivered and €540 for packs of E8. Domestic old thick scrap E3 remains at €480-495/t delivered. The lower E1 grade is at €440-470/t delivered depending on quality. E40 is paid between €530-560/t delivered also depending on quality.

In April, European sellers see E8 mixed grade in Europe reach €600/t delivered.

Natalia Capra France