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EU CBAM: Serious technical problems persist

After more than two years of development and four months of live operation, the EU CBAM portal is still not ready for use. Technical problems make it impossible to submit the mandatory CBAM reports. And companies in the eurozone are much more optimistic again. Purchasing Managers’ Index at its highest level for 6 months.

The European Carbon Border Tax CBAM has now been under development for more than two years. The European Commission‘s CBAM portal went live on 1 October 2023. After almost four months and shortly before the end of the reporting period for the fourth quarter of 2023, it’s time to take stock: CBAM reports cannot currently be submitted.

Catastrophic data loss possible during input
The list of errors known to date is long. Not only can certain mandatory data currently not even be entered by the user, in some cases there are even catastrophic data losses during input. Cryptic error messages, which are clearly not intended for the user but for the programmers of the CO2 reporting portal, are an additional source of confusion. And these are just a few of the points on the EU programmers’ list of errors that should have been eliminated by the time the portal was launched.

The technical difficulties with the CBAM system were also confirmed from official side to us yesterday.

Purchasing Managers’ Index rises – companies in the eurozone more optimistic
Measured by the Purchasing Managers’ Index, a leading indicator that is widely followed by analysts, the mood among companies in the eurozone continued to brighten at the start of the year. The index rose to its highest level in six months and may now have bottomed out. The mood in industry improved unexpectedly significantly. A positive development in the order situation there has also contributed to a sustained stable situation on the labour market.

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