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EU: Anti-dumping measure against seamless stainless steel tubes from China to be extended

This update highlights the European Commission’s decision to extend anti-dumping measures against seamless stainless steel tubes (SSSPT) imported from China. The Commission’s General Disclosure Document (GDD) on the Expiry review concluded that there were no compelling reasons against continuing the existing measures. Therefore, the high anti-dumping duties imposed on these imports, ranging from 48.3% to 71.9%, are likely to be extended by April 15, 2024.

Despite the expectation of no changes, it’s noted that the Commission had previously made unlawful adjustments in anti-dumping measures against stainless steel cold-rolled flat products from China and Taiwan. Legal challenges against these adjustments were unsuccessful due to legal maneuvers by the Commission.

In terms of market trends, European nickel prices are favorable, with prices currently trading around 18,289 USD/MT. Additionally, copper, zinc, and aluminum are also demonstrating positive indicators, with copper specifically experiencing a rise of over 1.6% in early trading.