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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Foundation Industries Programme – Fully Funded

The application closing date has been extended to 1 November
Please use this form to apply to take part in the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in The Foundation Industries programme run by Diversity and Ability in conjunction with UKRI: Transforming Foundation Industries Challenge.
The programme is fully funded – don’t miss out on this opportunity! The business case for diversity and inclusion is now stronger than ever.
Find out more about the positive impacts of ED&I in the workplace in the McKinsey & Company report, Diversity wins: How inclusion matters
The extended deadline for applications is Tuesday, 1st November. 
We will be starting the first phase of the programme with the chosen organisations at the end of November.

Project Overview:

Diversity and Ability are supporting UKRI to identify 8 businesses that need support with boosting their diversity and inclusion. When chosen, each business will go through the following cultural change plan over the 4 months of the project:

1. An EDI-Maturity Review (EDI-MR) – this is the research phase to understand your organisation’s needs and current EDI status. We will look at 3 core areas of the organisation: Leadership and Organisational Culture, Staff support and Recruitment. This will be conducted via interviews with team members and surveys culminating in a report that highlights the strengths and areas for improvement.
2. A bespoke training session programme led by experienced Inclusion Consultants which includes key EDI concepts as well as bespoke recommendations informed by the research phase.
3. Post-session reflection & coaching sessions to identify actionable steps for each organisation to embed learning.
4. Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap – co-create an individualised business action plan to implement EDI learning and map your business’ intentions for change.

About the project team:

Diversity and Ability (D&A) is a multi-award winning social enterprise, led by and for disabled people, with 85% of the team identifying as disabled and/or neurodiverse. We support organisations to create inclusive cultures where diversity is valued and people can thrive, helping employees and employers to be the best they can be. We champion an intersectional, celebratory model of diversity that advocates for anticipatory and proactive inclusion. Find out more about D&A.

Foundation Industries:
The UK’s foundation industries are vital for its manufacturing and construction sectors. Businesses operating in the following foundation industries are eligible to apply for this programme:

– Cement
– Metals
– Glass
– Paper
– Ceramics
– Bulk chemicals

Ensuring that foundation industry businesses work in inclusive manner and are attractive to a diverse range of talent is very important to UKRI. The Transforming foundation industries challenge is focused on ensuring the continued evolution and increased sustainability of the UK foundation industries. Find out more about the transforming foundation industries challenge.

Eligibility:It is important that we select foundation industry businesses that are most in need of support in introducing EDI principles into their organisational strategy. For this reason, we will be asking some questions in this application about where you are at now, what your ED&I challenges are and what your aspirations and priorities are going forward.

If you recognise a need for support with Equity, Diversity and Inclusion within your organisation, please answer the following introductory questions and we will be in contact letting you know if you have been successful or not in mid-November.

Your organisation must be a foundation industry to apply for this programme.
If you have any questions or want more information about the programme, please email
You can watch an overview of the programme here: ED&I in the foundation industries