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DTX Network Services Offer

As members of the BSSA, we’re here to offer useful help and advice to your business whenever we can. We recently contacted you about DTX Network Services who helped our organisation with their communications and getting ready for the BT Switch Off.

Details of this offer can be found in the attached and costs start from as little as 80p per user per day. This is a great opportunity to save on upfront costs, upgrade to a cloud-based system and make sure that your business benefits from cost savings now.

Samantha Hayes, Director of DTX Network Services has highlighted the key benefits of the proposed solution:

  • No upfront costs and low ongoing monthly costs
  • You can keep your local telephone number by moving it to the cloud
  • Free internal calls and between sites (if your business has multiple sites)
  • Flexibility to increase / decrease users
  • Users can work from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection
  • Access to a portal to make changes to your site.

Find out more on their website – or get in touch with the team by emailing