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Croatia is building a new gas pipeline

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Croatia intends to develop its LNG terminal located on the island of Krk. Thus, the country wants to invest EUR 180M in the construction of a new gas pipeline. A “strategic decision” according to the country’s energy minister. Croatia wants to invest EUR 180M for the construction of a new gas pipeline. This approach is part of the country’s desire to secure its gas supply. In addition, the new facility would double the capacity of the LNG terminal on the island of Krk.

Moreover, the current context reflects a strategy that is developing on a European scale. European countries, dependent on Russian gas supplies, are trying to diversify their supplies. Indeed, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered a whole series of supply controversies.

This is a process conveyed by the EU, which has been established in March 2022. Indeed, EU member countries are making progressive efforts to move away from dependence on Russian gas. In addition, since July 2022 the European Commission has proposed the reduction of EU gas consumption by 15% by spring.

The new Croatian gas pipeline will connect Zlobin to Bosiljevo. Thus, the capacity of the LNG terminal on the island of Krk will increase from 2.6 billion m3 of gas per year to 6.1 billion m3.

The increase in volumes will also increase the terminal’s import capacity. The willingness that had been formulated by the Croatian Prime Minister in March 2022. This is also an opportunity for Europe, which will benefit from additional volumes.

The project will be financed in part by European Union funds. The latter, within the framework of REPowerEU, provides for the investment of EUR 210bn.