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Cogne expands in Germany

Italian stainless long steel producer Cogne’s German distribution subsidiary, Cogne Edelstahl, located in Neuss, has completed the purchase of local stainless products distributor Edelstahl und Metallhandel (EMB), located in Stuhr near Bremen, Kallanish learns from the Italian company.

The merger will allow Cogne to develop its commercial presence in northern Germany, reduce delivery times, improve customer service and offer a larger range of products, the firm says.

“The integration of EMB into Cogne will offer customers located in northern Germany decisive advantages … The Stuhr office complements the sales offices in Düsseldorf/Neuss and Rudersberg … This means that delivery times for customers located here will be significantly improved, thanks also to the availability of our fleet,” Cogne Edelstahl says.

The Cogne Edelstahl distribution arm serves Germany, the Benelux and Austria. It operates from two warehouses in Neuss and Rudersberg, near Stuttgart, and now also the Stuhr site.

Natalia Capra France