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CBI Trade Association Update: Join the Trade Association Future of Work Group – Net Zero

Share your and your members’ views around the government’s position on carbon leakage

Join our roundtable on 27 February to explore business’ views on the government’s recent confirmation of intent to move forward with a CBAM, and establish any concerns.

In December, government released a series of policy papers including the long-awaited outcome to the consultation on ‘addressing carbon leakage risk to support decarbonisation’. However, there are still many questions left outstanding and some concerns that have already been raised regarding scope, timeline and potential unintended consequences.

This session will allow you to hear different perspectives across supply chains and is intended to support us to get clear headline points and areas to explore/define ahead of future government consultations.

We are keen to hear from you if your members are in the metal, cement, ceramics, fertiliser, glass and energy sectors, which are most directly impacted, but we would welcome input from any organisation who uses those products in manufacturing, in their supply chains, or who might be in a position to advise clients of the impacts of a CBAM (i.e. law and consultancies as well).

Please email if you are interested.