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CBI Membership

The BSSA have been members of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) for many years. The purpose of the CBI is to actively shape the future economy in a way that works for UK business. That means proactively speaking to businesses, trade associations and government about issues and opportunities, ensuring firms of all kinds get to use their voice. The CBI identifies future trends and policies and ensures that the policy makers have a business perspective. They offer members the insight and intelligence to know what this means for their businesses or sectors.

As you will no doubt be aware the CBI has been through a very tough period with substantial negative press coverage. The resignation of Tony Danker as the Director General following allegations of wrongdoing and unacceptable behaviours within the CBI caused a number of high profile members to leave. However with Brian McBride as President, the appointment of Economist, Rain Newton-Smith as the new Director General and a new, diverse leadership team the CBI have taken significant steps to re-establish the confidence in the organisation. They have restarted engagement with the government and have taken some considerable steps forward to repair the relationships with members.

As trade association members the activities and access to government for the BSSA has been valuable to us. The CBI works with member trade associations to shape the change they need and to ensure the CBI speaks for OUR business community. They provide a feedback loop of economic and political intelligence, opportunities for associations to connect and access to events.

The BSSA’s membership is due for renewal in July, but prior to payment of our membership fees the BSSA board members were asked whether membership should be renewed considering the issues of recent months. Upon consideration, the majority decision is to renew our CBI membership for 12 months. This was a majority, not a unanimous view.

During the next 12 months it is essential that we see CBI’s re-engagement with government, and that they continue to have access and influence in the key areas that effect the BSSA members. We will be monitor these activities over the coming months and review again prior to 2024-25 renewal.

Should you wish to discuss the BSSA and CBI activities, or wish to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact BSSA Managing Director, Rob Cooper ( or call (0)114 551 8170).