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Rescheduled Dates: Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition September 2022 MECC, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Due to the restrictions imposed by The Netherlands Government in response to the ongoing (covid-19) coronavirus situation, we felt that could no longer host a credible and secure Stainless Steel World Conference & Expo in November 2021 for our community.
We have therefore taken the decision to reschedule the Stainless Steel World Conference & Expo 2021 to September 2022
We would like to say a huge and heartfelt Thank You to all our sponsors, exhibitors and participants who have expressed their support of this decision and who will return to Maastricht with us in September 2022.
We also thank our suppliers and our venue MECC Maastricht for their understanding as we all work together toward our 2022 event.
More details will follow in the coming days as we communicate our future plans with all our participants. ……… but rest assured TOGETHER we will ensure that what would have been a successful event November 2021 will be an even greater success in September 2022!
We look forward to welcoming you all back to Maastricht in September 2022!