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WP Stainless is one the leading stockists of stainless steel tube in  the UK. Over the last 30 years, WP Stainless has developed its stock range and now specialises in carrying a wide range of tube for the automotive industry, including plain, perforated and polished.

In addition, the company also carries a wide range of welded and polished tube for handrail/balustrade manufacturers including an extensive stock of modular handrail fittings.

WP Stainless also carries a range of tube for street furniture manufacturers.

Its sister company, WPS Components, specialises in importing machined components from the Far East. These components are used in a number of industries including automotive, medical, brewing and railway equipment.

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West Midlands
United Kingdom

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David Holder
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Architecture Building and Construction:  Balustrading, Handrails, Staircase structures, Architectural metalwork, Bars – reinforcing

Street Furniture:  Bollards

Tube Products:  Tubes – annealed, Tubes – automotive, Tubes – capillary, Tubes – cryogenic, Tubes – decorative, Tubes – drawn, Tubes – general, Tubes – heat exchanger, Tubes – HF square & rectangular, Tubes – hygienic, Tubes – perforated, Tubes – polished, Tubes – process, Tubes – rectangular, Tubes – round, Tubes – seamless, Tubes – square, Tubes – unannealed, Tubes – welded