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Specialists in the manufacture and installation of balustrade and handrail systems and bespoke staircases. Industrial pipework and all secondary steel items including staircases, mezzanine floors and portal frames.

Webber Engineering ( NW) Ltd is one of the North West`s fastest-growing design, fabrication and installation companies. Specialising in Glass Balustrade systems, Structural steel, Pipe Work Installations and Construction projects, we work with clients in every part of the country to create and build lasting, memorable projects.

We have earned an enviable reputation for quality and reliability amongst our expanding customer base. The reason? We know that our customers don’t just look to us to supply steelwork. Our clients rely on us for our industry knowledge and our willingness to go the extra mile to meet their requirements, and trust us to deliver the best quality product on time and at a competitive price.

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Units 3 & 4, Kirkby Bank Road
Knowsley Industrial Estate
United Kingdom
L33 7SY

T: 0151 548 5777

Stephen Griffin
Managing Director
0151 548 5777 or 07909 976187

James Griffin
Contracts Manager
0151 548 5777 or 07909 976186

Steven Gill
Project Manager
0151 548 5777 or 07908 499316


Architecture Building and Construction:  Architectural fabrications, Balustrading, Barriers, Canopies, Chequered plate, Columns, Fencing, Floorplate, Gates, Grab rails, Gratings, Handrails, Ladders, Lintels, Staircase structures, Stairs, Support systems, Walkways, Architectural metalwork, Tension rod systems

Fabrications:  Fabrications – general, High temperature fabrications, Platforms

Flat Products (Coil, Sheet, Strip, Plate):  Polished plate, Polished sheet, Laser cut pieces

Heating and Ventilation:  Ductwork, Fume extraction equipment

Long Products (Bar, Rod and Wire):  Bars – bright drawn, Bars – bright ground, Bars – flat, hot rolled, Bars – flat, rolled edge, Bars – general, Bars – hexagon, Bars – round, Bars – square, Bars – threaded, Bars – hollow

Sections:  Angles, Channels, Profiles – cold drawn, Profiles – cold rolled, Profiles – general, Profiles – hot extruded, Profiles – hot rolled, Profiles – special, Sections – cold formed, Sections – general, Sections – rectangular hollow, Sections – special, cold drawn, Sections – special, cold rolled, Sections – I & T shaped, Sections – circular hollow

Street Furniture:  Bollards, Bus shelters

Tube Products:  Flanges, Pipefittings, Pipeline fittings, Pipes, Tube fittings – bends, Tube fittings – butt welded, Tube fittings – capillary, Tube fittings – collars, Tube fittings – compression, Tube fittings – elbows, Tube fittings – general, Tube fittings – hygienic, Tube fittings – meters, Tube fittings – push in, Tube fittings – screwed, Tube fittings – socket weld, Tube fittings – tees, Tubes – capillary, Tubes – decorative, Tubes – drawn, Tubes – general, Tubes – hygienic, Tubes – perforated, Tubes – polished, Tubes – process, Tubes – rectangular, Tubes – round, Tubes – seamless, Tubes – square, Tubes – textured, Tubes – unannealed, Tubes – welded

Welding and Cutting Products:  Cutting gases, Gas cutting equipment, Weighing equipment, Welding consumables, Welding electrodes, Welding equipment, Welding fluxes, Welding gases, Welding wires


Cleaning and Restoration:  Refurbishment of fabrications

Cutting, Blanking and Piercing:  Cutting gases selection, Flame profile cutting, Laser cutting, Notching, Plasma cutting, Punching, Sawing, Shearing

Design Services:  Plant construction projects, Plant design

Fabrication:  Installation service for fabrications

Forming:  Bending, Pressbraking, Presswork, Section bending, Tube bending, Cold section rolling

Joining:  Soldering, Welding, Welding gases selection, Weld preparation

Machining:  Diamond drilling, General machining, CNC machining

Surface Treatment:  Coating, Mechanical sheet polishing, Passivating, Pickling, Protective coating, Tube polishing (external), Painting, Mechanical plate polishing, Mechanical polishing of profiles

Testing Services:  Inspection services, Mechanical testing