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Vecom is a family owned company founded in 1953. We are a global player in metal surface treatment and chemical cleaning. Vecom offers a flexible and reliable range of products and specialized services for several industries, namely; Nuclear, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Marine, Casting, Aerospace, Food,Transport industry and so many more.

Other services offered by Vecom Sillavan are Electro Polishing of Stainless Steel and Duplex materials, Grit Blasting, Shot Blasting, Peening and polishing of cold rolled & hot rolled stainless steel sheets to many different finishes such as Bright Polish, Satin Polish and many more.

Vecom manufactures products for maintenance and cleaning in Maassluis. These products are used in the industrial applications and shipping market and are purchased by end-users and distribution partners worldwide. Besides own production facilities in Europe and the UK, we have a laboratory for research and development and for handling consultancy demands.

Vecom has many years of experience in the field of chemical technical cleaning on site and the treatment of hazardous waste water. The mobile cleaning units and waste water treatment facilities provide on-site services worldwide for onshore and offshore projects.

Vecom differentiates itself from competitors with its own development capacity and production. Because production is done at our own facilities, we can work with the customer to optimize the products. We also strive for perfection through continuous innovations. Quality is one of our key points.

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Operations Manager
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Production Manager (Pickling)
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Process Plant:  Electropolishing plant, Electropolishing products, Pickling plant, Passivating plant, Weld cleaning machines

Surface Treatment Products:  Grade check chemicals, Iron contamination test kits, Passivating products, Pickling chemicals, Pickling pastes


Cleaning and Restoration:  Refurbishment of components, Refurbishment of fabrications

Information and Advisory:  Advisory, Consultancy, Technical advice – general, Technical information, Technical publications

Surface Treatment:  Descaling, Electropolishing – in-house, Mechanical sheet polishing, Passivating, Pickling, Mechanical bar polishing, Mechanical plate polishing, Mechanical box section polishing, Hand polishing, Mechanical polishing of profiles, Electropolishing – subcontract, Aqua blasting, Shot blasting, Grit blasting

Testing Services:  Chemical analysis, Corrosion testing, Inspection services