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In 2018, Vecom celebrated its 65th anniversary. We are proud to be the leading company in metal surface treatment for almost 70 years worldwide. Our goal is to continue this trend firmly so that our customers continue to trust us and we continue to develop. With the constantly tightening rules and legislation and the innovations in the field of metal alloys, as well as the evolution of bacteria, Vecom Group is looking forward to a challenging future, for which we will continue to offer solutions.

From the premises in Bury (near Manchester), our proud and prominent subsidiary, Vecom Sillavan Metal Treatment Ltd. is focussing on exploring and cultivating the markets in the United Kingdom. Where it concerns polishing, metal laundry and sales of products the company is fully autonomous in this regard. Where it concerns on-site services the company cooperates with sister company Vecom Industrial Services B.V. in The Netherlands in an imaginary joint venture format to the mutual benefit of both entities. The company is constantly moving and developing to make maximum use of the vibrant market opportunities.

Vecom aims to be the best quality and service provider in metal surface treatment by combining knowledge and experience with flexibility and operational excellence, whereby safety, people and the environment are of paramount importance.

Research into the metal alloy is done through a Metal Analyzer and into the contamination is done in the in-house laboratory of Vecom. If there is no suitable cleaning product on the market, we have it made on our own recipe, also in-house. This allows us to deliver the highest quality time and again without exception.

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