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Stainless Band Ltd. holds an international reputation for standard and Precision Slitting and cutting of stainless steel, nickel alloy and spring stainless steels we also offer Edge Dressing and Ribbon Winding facilities.

We supply high technology industries such as the automotive, petrochemical, electronic and pharmaceutical, as well as holding global contracts with gasket producers, spring manufacturers, building and insulation companies.

With sales offices in Yorkshire and West Midlands, extensive stocks of materials, up to date production equipment and technical know-how, we can provide custom made solutions with a minimum lead-time.

Our size capabilities range from 2.5mm wide and thickness from 0.1mm to 5.00mm.

Strip can be supplied in pancake coils and on ribbon wound, or traverse wound bobbins.

All material is processed on site ensuring production is flexible and tailored to our customers specific requirements.

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Unit G & H Castlefields Industrial Estate
Castlefields Road, Crossflatts
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
BD16 2AF

T: 01274 566831

Jonathan Hanson
Managing Director
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Roy Mason
Commercial Consultant
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Dean Grant
Financial Controller and Company Secretary
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Milena Gorzynska
Inventory, Purchasing, Logistics Manager
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Andrea Olsson
Commercial Manager
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Daniel Mason
Sales & Marketing
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Sue Fearnsides
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Architecture Building and Construction:  Access control equipment, Architectural fabrications, Balustrading, Barriers, Building components, Building support systems, Cable management products, Canopies, Chequered plate, Columns, Corbels, Corner guards, Doors, Drainage channels, Drainage systems, Entrance screens, Expansion joints, Fascia cladding, Fencing, Fire resistant doors, Fire resistant screens, Flag poles, Flooring components, Floorplate, Gates, Grab rails, Gratings, Gullies, Handrails, Ladders, Lintels, Masonry fixings, Pattress plates, Revolving doors, Roofing panels, Shopfronts, Staircase structures, Stairs, Support systems, Swimming pool fittings, Walkways, Wall cladding, Wall ties, Window frames, Window furniture, Window hinges, Y-type strainers, Architectural metalwork, Frameless door fittings, Bars – reinforcing, Tension rod systems, Post tensioning systems, Terne coated stainless steel

Automotive:  Automotive trim, Battery boxes, Catalytic converters, Coach frames, Exhaust systems, Fuel tanks, Luggage racks, Vehicle body panels, Roof cantrail profiles, Drip mouldings

Catering:  Bain maries, Bar tops, Catering equipment, Chopping boards, Cooker hoods, Cooking ranges, Counters, Cutlery, Deep fryers, Display cabinets, Forks, Hot cabinets, Kitchen equipment, Knives, Ovens, Preparation tables, Pressure cookers, Refrigerated units, Serving units, Spoons, Steamers, Work surfaces, Insect mesh

Engineering Plant and Components:  Machined components

Fabrications:  Fabricated components, Fabrications – general, Flanked ends, High temperature fabrications, Platforms, Sound Proofing (Mass Loaded Vinyl)

Fasteners:  Banding, Bolts, Circlips, Cladding fasteners, Clamps, Clips, Fasteners – general, Hinges, Hoseclips, Jubilee clips, Nails, Nuts, Rivets, Rock bolts, Screws, Staples, Strapping, Studding, Studs, Tie bars, Washers, Specialised fasteners, Non-standard fasteners

Fixings:  Brackets, Chains, Linkages

Flat Products (Coil, Sheet, Strip, Plate):  Blanks, Circles, Coil, Cold rolled flat products, Copper clad stainless steel, Foil, Hot rolled flat products, Hot rolled lengths, Notched flat products, Pierced flat products, Plasma cut pieces, Plates, Polished coil, Polished plate, Polished sheet, Precision strip, Sheet – coated, Sheet – coloured, Sheet – embossed, Sheet – etched, Sheet – general, Sheet – mirror finish, Sheet – patterned, Sheet – rigidised, Slit flat products, Strip, Sheet – bead blasted, Waterjet cut pieces, Laser cut pieces, Cold sawn pieces, Corrugated sheet, Corrugated coil, Angle profiled pieces, Traverse wound coil

Food and Drink Processing:  Abbatoir equipment, Beer barrels, Beer kegs, Boiling pans, Brewery plant, Butchers fittings, Food processing equipment, Bakery equipment, Canning equipment

Heating and Ventilation:  Chimneys, Ductwork, Fume extraction equipment, Heating panels, Ventilation systems, Sound proofing (mass loaded vinyl), Insect mesh

Industrial Appliances and Equipment:  Laundry equipment, Racking sections, Electrical conduit, Sound proofing (mass loaded vinyl)

Materials Handling:  Belt conveyors, Conveyors, Sieves, Storage bins, Strainers

Process Plant:  Actuators, Bellows expansion joints, Blenders, Calorifiers, Cooling jackets, Cooling panels, Dimple jackets, Dished ends, Distillation plant, Electropolishing plant, Electropolishing products, End plates, Filter trays, Filters, Heat exchangers, Heating jackets, Limpet coils, Mixing tanks, Nozzles, Nuclear equipment, Packing rings, Pharmaceutical equipment, Pickling plant, Pressure vessels, Processing tanks, Tanks, Valves, Valves – ball, Valves – check, Valves – gate, Valves – globe, Valves – hygienic, Valves – needle, Vats, Vessels, Passivating plant, Weld cleaning machines

Scientific, Technical and Medical:  Autoclaves, Autopsy tables, Bed pans, Computer disc shutters, Dental equipment, Hospital equipment, Hospital trolleys, Instrument trays, Laboratory units, Measuring equipment, Medical equipment, Mortuary equipment, Operating theatre equipment, Scalpels, Sterilisation equipment, Surgeons hoppers, Surgical implants, Surgical instruments


Sections:  Angles, Channels, Profiles – cold drawn, Profiles – cold rolled, Profiles – general, Profiles – hot extruded, Profiles – hot rolled, Profiles – special, Sections – cold formed, Sections – general, Sections – rectangular hollow, Sections – special, cold drawn, Sections – special, cold rolled, Sections – I & T shaped, Wood cored sections, Sections – circular hollow

Ships and Marine:  Anchors, Cargo tanks, Containers, Galley equipment, Harbour equipment, Yacht fittings, Yacht rigging, Sound proofing (mass loaded vinyl), Chain and chain fittings

Sinks and Sanitary Products:  Ablution fountains, Baths, Drinking fountains, Sanitaryware, Security sanitaryware, Shower chairs, Shower equipment, Shower trays, Sinks – catering, Sinks – domestic, Sinks – laboratory, Sinks – non standard, Sinks – plastering, Sinks – sluice, Toilet pans, Urinals, Wash basins, Wash stations

Springs:  Spring pressings, TV tube springs, Wire springs

Street Furniture:  Bollards, Bus shelters, Cash compartments, Cash containers, Cash scoops, Lamposts, Litter bins, Payphone covers, Petrol pumps, Sculptures, Seats, Street furniture – general, Telegraph poles, Vending machines

Raw Materials:  Nickel raw materials

Engineering Consumables:  Saw blades – circular, Saw blades – bandsaw, Lubricants

Surface Finishing Machines:  Polishing machines – sheet, Polishing machines – coil, Deburring machines, Robot/ CNC cells, Polishing machines – tubes


Heat Treatment:  Surface hardening, Bright annealing, Hardening and tempering, Heat treatment – general, Nitriding, Precipitation hardening

Coil Processing:  Decoiling, Slitting, Temper rolling, Traverse winding (narrow coil), Edge rolling (narrow coil), Deburring, Edge profiling, Coil Rewinding, Painting Coil and Sheet

Cutting, Blanking and Piercing:  Blanking, Circling, Cutting gases selection, Flame profile cutting, Laser cutting, Notching, Piercing, Plasma cutting, Punching, Sawing, Shearing, Waterjet cutting, Woven mesh cutting, Welded mesh cutting

:  Heat Treatment

Information and Advisory:  Advisory, Consultancy, Technical advice – general, Technical advice on alloy selection, Technical advice on welding procedures, Technical information, Technical publications, On-site training

Testing Services:  Chemical analysis, Corrosion testing, Failure analysis, Inspection services, Mechanical testing, Metallography, Scanning electron miscroscopy, Testing services

Wire Processing:  Wire shaping/ flattening, Wire winding