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RMIG Ltd is the largest perforating company in the world. In the UK we have been manufacturing perforated metals from our Warrington factory since 1984 to cover many various market sectors as described below.

Within the Architectural and Building sector we offer standard patterns for general balustrading, gates and fencing panels through to complex image perforations on sheets that can be fabricated and finished for cladding and facades, and for the Automotive sector we perforate heat resistant stainless materials for exhaust systems.

Perforated stainless sheets are used in the manufacture of catering equipment especially as trays in steamers. Bakery and food processing equipment use perforated material for air flow and weight reduction.

Heating and ventilation applications require perforated metal in fume extraction equipment and ventilation systems to ensure maximum air flow.

Material handling and sorting uses stainless steel sieves with fine perforations.

Process plant equipment perforated stainless steel sheets are used for dimple jackets. A majority of filters and filter trays are made with perforated stainless steel to give high product flow and less resistance. We have expertise in perforating high tensile stainless alloys with high open areas.

Stainless steel autoclaves and pharmaceutical equipment require burr free perforations.

Everyday street furniture uses stainless steel in various finishes. These include litter bins, bus and smoking shelters.

In water and sewage treatment, perforated stainless steel with a high open area and burr free holes is critical in the operation of effluent equipment.

We also offer additional services to our perforated materials including shearing, notching and press braking operations as well as secondary operations such as shot blasting, galvanising and various painting finishes to our sheets.

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Architecture Building and Construction:  Architectural fabrications, Balustrading, Building support systems, Canopies, Entrance screens, Fascia cladding, Fencing, Flooring components, Floorplate, Gates, Shopfronts, Staircase structures, Stairs, Swimming pool fittings, Walkways, Wall cladding, Architectural metalwork

Automotive:  Automotive trim, Catalytic converters, Exhaust systems

Catering:  Catering equipment, Steamers, Insect mesh

Domestic:  Washing machine drums, Insect mesh

Fabrications:  Fabrications – general

Flat Products (Coil, Sheet, Strip, Plate):  Coil, Notched flat products, Pierced flat products, Plasma cut pieces, Waterjet cut pieces, Laser cut pieces, Corrugated sheet, Corrugated coil

Food and Drink Processing:  Brewery plant, Food processing equipment, Bakery equipment

Heating and Ventilation:  Fume extraction equipment, Ventilation systems, Insect mesh

Materials Handling:  Sieves

Process Plant:  Dimple jackets, Filter trays, Filters, Heat exchangers, Pharmaceutical equipment

Scientific, Technical and Medical:  Autoclaves

Street Furniture:  Bus shelters, Litter bins, Seats, Street furniture – general

Tube Products:  Tubes – perforated

Water and Sewage Treatment:  Effluent treatment equipment


Coil Processing:  Coil Rewinding

Cutting, Blanking and Piercing:  Laser cutting, Notching, Piercing, Punching, Shearing, Waterjet cutting

Fabrication:  Metal jacketing/cladding/insulation

Forming:  Bending, Pressbraking

Information and Advisory:  Technical advice – general, Technical advice on alloy selection, Technical information

Joining:  Welding

Surface Treatment:  Painting, Shot blasting

Recycling:  Scrap recycling

Steel Market Analysis:  Market prices and forecasts