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Since its formation in 1963 Prosaw has specialised in all aspects of metal sawing and is today accepted as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of metal sawing machinery and associated material handling and measuring systems.

The company’s range of bandsaws and circular saws extends from simple manual operation through to semi-automatic, automatic, full CNC and special purpose, with models suitable for all stainless steel applications.

Standard machine capacities range from the smallest section up to 2500mm diameter solid, 1500mm wide structural sections and 6,000mm plates.

Due to this large and comprehensive range of machinery our specialist sales personnel are able to offer a solution to virtually any sawing application and recommend the right machine for the right job and/or budget limitations.

To support this range, Prosaw operate with a large team of directly employed service engineers, with many years’ experience of metal sawing. The team of field based engineers together with Kettering based engineers, machine tool fitters and technical support staff are, we believe, the largest in our sector of the industry, in the U.K.

Prosaw have recognised that machines are often operated inefficiently, ineffectively and uneconomically through lack of operator/maintenance training.

Huge savings and improvements in efficiency can be realised through correct blade selection, speeds, feeds, cutting media, etc. and basic machine maintenance.

Our training school programmes are generally regarded as the best available. They are open to any sawing machine user regardless of make of machine and is not restricted to Prosaw customers.

Courses range from basic one day sessions to fully customised events at very reasonable cost.

No matter how good or efficient a sawing machine is, dramatic improvements in overall output, efficiency and safety can often be achieved through the installation of a custom built material handling system.

Prosaw offer a full in-house, design, build and installation facility, specialising in finding solutions to customers’ needs, to both new and existing machine installations.

We offer a free, no obligation, site/applications survey and evaluation, followed by detailed proposals.

This facility is not restricted to sawing applications, as many of our installations to date have been supplied to suit other processes or simply as a safe and efficient means of transferring bulk materials within a works.

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Materials Handling:  Belt conveyors, Conveyors

Engineering Consumables:  Saw blades – circular, Saw blades – bandsaw


Cutting, Blanking and Piercing:  Laser cutting, Punching, Sawing, Waterjet cutting