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Founded in 2001 by Hugh McDermott, David Monaghan and Laurence McDermott, from the beginning, the PRO Stainless philosophy has been to strive for excellence. On every project, 100% client satisfaction is the goal.

The full PRO Stainless team of 100+ employees has been built with this in mind, seeking experts in all areas, to ensure that the best people are working on your project with the ability to see and create smart solutions and the ingenuity to solve challenges as they arise.

PRO Stainless is a team of expert engineers, designers, fabricators, project managers and installers, who know stainless steel inside out, and care about delivering your project on-brief, on-budget and on-time.

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Hugh McDermott
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Architecture Building and Construction:  Access control equipment, Architectural fabrications, Balustrading, Barriers, Canopies, Chequered plate, Columns, Corner guards, Doors, Drainage channels, Fascia cladding, Flooring components, Floorplate, Gates, Gratings, Gullies, Handrails, Ladders, Revolving doors, Shopfronts, Staircase structures, Stairs, Support systems, Walkways, Wall cladding, Wall ties, Window frames, Architectural metalwork, Bars – reinforcing

Catering:  Display cabinets, Hot cabinets, Kitchen equipment, Preparation tables, Serving units, Work surfaces, Insect mesh, Waste bin, Kitchen furniture

Domestic:  Furniture, Towel rails, Vanity units, Washing machine drums

Electrical Plant:  Enclosures, Gloveboxes, Junction boxes

Engineering Plant and Components:  Machined components

Fabrications:  Fabricated components, Fabrications – general, Flanked ends, High temperature fabrications, Platforms, Sound Proofing (Mass Loaded Vinyl)

Fasteners:  Banding, Bolts, Circlips, Cladding fasteners, Clamps, Clips, Fasteners – general, Hinges, Hoseclips, Jubilee clips, Nails, Nuts, Rivets, Rock bolts, Screws, Staples, Strapping, Studding, Studs, Tie bars, Washers, Specialised fasteners, Non-standard fasteners

Fixings:  Brackets, Chains, Linkages

Flat Products (Coil, Sheet, Strip, Plate):  Blanks, Circles, Coil, Cold rolled flat products, Copper clad stainless steel, Hot rolled flat products, Hot rolled lengths, Notched flat products, Pierced flat products, Plasma cut pieces, Plates, Polished coil, Polished plate, Polished sheet, Precision strip, Sheet – coated, Sheet – coloured, Sheet – embossed, Sheet – etched, Sheet – general, Sheet – mirror finish, Sheet – patterned, Slit flat products, Strip, Sheet – bead blasted, Laser cut pieces, Cold sawn pieces, Corrugated sheet, Corrugated coil, Angle profiled pieces

Food and Drink Processing:  Abbatoir equipment, Boiling pans, Brewery plant, Butchers fittings, Food processing equipment, Bakery equipment, Canning equipment

Heating and Ventilation:  Chimneys, Ductwork, Heating panels, Ventilation systems, Insect mesh, Pipework

Industrial Appliances and Equipment:  Racking sections

Long Products (Bar, Rod and Wire):  Bars – bright drawn, Bars – bright ground, Bars – flat, hot rolled, Bars – flat, rolled edge, Bars – free machining, Bars – general, Bars – hexagon, Bars – reinforcing, Bars – round, Bars – square, Bars – threaded, Ribbed and threaded bar, Tying wire, Wire, Wire – profile, Wire – round, Wire products, Bars – hollow, Bars – chrome plated

Process Plant:  Processing tanks, Tanks, Valves, Valves – ball, Valves – gate, Vessels, Weld cleaning machines

Scientific, Technical and Medical:  Autoclaves, Autopsy tables, Bed pans, Computer disc shutters, Dental equipment, Hospital equipment, Hospital trolleys, Instrument trays, Laboratory units, Measuring equipment, Body trays, Sinks – laboratory, Disposal hoppers, Janitorial units, Healthcare cabinets, Scrub up troughs, Trolleys, Shower panels, Sinks – adjustable height, Sinks – hospital, Sinks – plaster sinks, Sinks – endoscopy, Sinks – sterile services, Taps

Sections:  Profiles – cold drawn, Profiles – cold rolled, Profiles – general, Profiles – hot extruded, Profiles – hot rolled, Profiles – special, Sections – cold formed, Sections – general, Sections – rectangular hollow, Sections – special, cold drawn, Sections – special, cold rolled, Sections – I & T shaped, Sections – circular hollow

Ships and Marine:  Galley equipment, Galley sinks, 316 grade sinks & bowls

Sinks and Sanitary Products:  Baths, Sinks – catering, Sinks – domestic, Sinks – laboratory, Sinks – non standard, Urinals, Wash basins, Wash stations, Back to wall pans, Sinks – bespoke, Vanity basins, Wash troughs, Bowls, Floor drains, Sinks – janitorial, Multi-faith foot wash troughs, Mirrors, Sinks – bucket, Sinks – sterile services, Waste bins

Street Furniture:  Bollards, Bus shelters, Lamposts, Litter bins, Sculptures, Seats, Street furniture – general

Surface Treatment Products:  Passivating products, Pickling chemicals

Tube Products:  Flanges, Pipefittings, Pipeline fittings, Pipes, Tube fittings – bends, Tube fittings – butt welded, Tube fittings – capillary, Tube fittings – elbows, Tube fittings – push in, Tube fittings – screwed, Tube fittings – socket weld, Tube fittings – tees, Tube systems, Tubes – cut pieces, Tubes – decorative, Tubes – drawn, Tubes – general, Tubes – heat exchanger, Tubes – HF square & rectangular, Tubes – hygienic, Tubes – perforated, Tubes – polished, Tubes – process, Tubes – rectangular, Tubes – round, Tubes – seamless, Tubes – square, Tubes – welded, Pipework

Welding and Cutting Products:  Cutting gases, Gas cutting equipment, Weighing equipment, Welding consumables, Welding electrodes, Welding equipment, Welding gases, Welding wires, Electrochemical weld cleaning machines

Engineering Consumables:  Saw blades – circular, Saw blades – bandsaw

Product marking & traceability:  Marking & identification, Traceability software

Software:  Quality control software

Wire Mesh:  Wire mesh – welded

Surface Finishing Machines:  Polishing machines – coil, Deburring machines, Polishing machines – tubes

Gasket Manufacturing Products:  Spiral winding material, Flat sheet, Flat bar in coil

Warehouse Handling Equipment & Consumables:  Forklift Trucks

Cutting & Bending Machinery:  Tube bending machinery, Saws/ circular/ bandsaws, Industrial cutting lines


Cleaning and Restoration:  Refurbishment of fabrications, Plant refurbishment

Coil Processing:  Decoiling

Cutting, Blanking and Piercing:  Blanking, Circling, Cutting gases selection, Flame profile cutting, Laser cutting, Notching, Plasma cutting, Punching, Sawing, Shearing, Welded mesh cutting

Design Services:  Plant construction projects, Plant design, Process design, Product design, Piping design, Product design & manufacture

Fabrication:  Installation service for fabrications, Metal jacketing/cladding/insulation, Pipework

Forming:  Bending, Pressbraking, Presswork, Section bending, Cold section rolling

Joining:  Adhesive bonding, Brazing, Soldering, Welding, Welding gases selection, Weld preparation, Adhesive tape bonding, Welding trials

Machining:  Diamond drilling, Jig grinding, General machining

Surface Treatment:  Bead blasting, Mechanical sheet polishing, Passivating, Pickling, Protective coating, Shot peening, Tube polishing (external), Painting, Priming, Mechanical bar polishing, Mechanical plate polishing, Mechanical box section polishing, Hand polishing, Mechanical polishing of profiles, Electropolishing – subcontract, Shot blasting, Powder coating removal, Grit blasting, Polishing

Testing Services:  Inspection services

Surface Protection:  Adhesive protective tapes

Engineering Consumable Repair and Refurbishment:  CNC Circular Saw Blade Grinding

Recycling:  Scrap recycling

Steel Market Analysis:  Market prices and forecasts