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Poligrat specialise in the pickling and electropolishing of stainless steel and high nickel alloys. Industries where electropolished finishes on stainless steels are of benefit include pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive, aviation, vacuum and cryogenic engineering, architecture and household equipment.

We supply our Polinox range of pickling products. This includes pickle pastes for cleaning of seam welds, pickling solutions, spray pickling products for treating large areas and cleaning and passivation products. Poligat also design and supply electropolishing and pickling plant.

We have full facilities available for on-site processing and plant refurbishment.

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United Kingdom
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T: 01252 336 337

Chris Stokes
General Manager
01252 336 337

Dave Reynolds
Sales and Purchasing
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Anthony King
Technical Sales
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Process Plant:  Electropolishing plant, Electropolishing products, Pickling plant, Processing tanks

Surface Treatment Products:  Grade check chemicals, Iron contamination test kits, Passivating products, Pickling chemicals, Pickling pastes

Water and Sewage Treatment:  Effluent treatment equipment


Cleaning and Restoration:  Cleaning of buildings, Refurbishment of components, Refurbishment of fabrications, Restoration of buildings

Information and Advisory:  Advisory, Consultancy, Technical advice – general, Technical information, Technical publications

Surface Treatment:  Coating, Descaling, Electropolishing – in-house, Passivating, Pickling, Protective coating, Tube polishing (external), Tube polishing (internal)

Testing Services:  Chemical analysis, Corrosion testing, Failure analysis, Inspection services