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N’GENIUS Materials is a materials technology company, specialising in the invention of next-generation stainless steels..

The N’GENIUS™ Series of High Strength Austenitic Stainless Steels, patent and trademark protected in 30 countries around the world, represents the total reinvention of conventional austenitic stainless steels – specifically developed to out-perform, supersede and replace the majority of existing grades in the 300 Series stainless steels.

The NGENIUS Series is the most complete ‘family’ of high strength austenitic stainless steels in the world, which can be specified and manufactured in both wrought and cast forms, utilised across a vast range of markets, industries and applications, and applied to all types of primary, secondary, engineered and fabricated products – providing Total System Capability.

The NGENIUS™ Advanced Technology has also been applied to develop an extensive range of High Strength Corrosion Resistant Alloy Line Pipe grades.

For Manufacturers, this is a unique opportunity to be centrally involved in the global roll-out of the next generation of advanced materials technology – fast-tracking the expansion of material portfolios, enhancing product ranges, increasing market share, opening up new markets and, crucially, driving up revenue.

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