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NeoNickel is the global leader in specialty alloys, offering an extensive inventory in stainless steels, titanium and nickel alloys across Europe. Our product line consists of plate, sheet, bar, pipe, forgings, fitting, flanges and welding consumables.

Our extensive list of alloys stocked include ,RA330,600,601,800H/HT,625,310s,321,253ma, Super Duplex UNS S32760, Duplex 2205/UNS S31803,Invar 36, AL6XN and Titanium CP Grades.

We supply our materials into the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Thermal  Process, Power Generation, Petro-Chemical and Bio Pharmaceutical industries.

NeoNickel offers state-of-the art processing to bring the highest quality of product, service and savings to customers. Complete cutting and processing services include lasers, waterjet, bar saw, Virtek QC, CNC Lathes and billet conversion services.

NeoNickel is the go-to group for metals expertise, offering material performance analysis, comparative alloy data, sample coupon testing and evaluation, application case histories, online technical support and technical presentations and seminars. The metallurgical laboratories are located in Blackburn, equipped with the latest technology for performance analysis and technical investigations.

NeoNickel operates facilities in England, France, Germany, Italy, and Czech Republic.

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Business Development
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General Manager
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Aerospace:  Aircraft components, Aerospace fasteners

Automotive:  Catalytic converters, Exhaust systems

Engineering Plant and Components:  Machined components

Fabrications:  Fabricated components, Fabrications – general, Flanked ends, High temperature fabrications, Platforms

Fasteners:  Banding, Bolts, Clamps, Fasteners – general, Nuts, Strapping, Studs, Tie bars, Washers, Specialised fasteners, Non-standard fasteners

Flat Products (Coil, Sheet, Strip, Plate):  Blanks, Circles, Coil, Cold rolled flat products, Foil, Hot rolled flat products, Hot rolled lengths, Plasma cut pieces, Plates, Polished coil, Polished plate, Polished sheet, Precision strip, Sheet – mirror finish, Slit flat products, Strip, Waterjet cut pieces, Laser cut pieces, Cold sawn pieces, Angle profiled pieces

Forgings:  Closed die forgings, Open die forgings

Long Products (Bar, Rod and Wire):  Bars – bright drawn, Bars – bright ground, Bars – flat, hot rolled, Bars – flat, rolled edge, Bars – general, Bars – hexagon, Bars – round, Bars – square, Bars – threaded, Wire, Wire – round, Wire products, Wire rod, Bars – hollow

Primary Products:  Billets

Sections:  Angles, Channels, Profiles – cold drawn, Profiles – cold rolled, Profiles – general, Profiles – hot extruded, Profiles – hot rolled, Profiles – special, Sections – cold formed, Sections – general, Sections – special, cold drawn, Sections – special, cold rolled, Sections – circular hollow

Tube Products:  Flanges, Pipefittings, Pipeline fittings, Pipes, Tube fittings – bends, Tube fittings – butt welded, Tube fittings – capillary, Tube fittings – collars, Tube fittings – compression, Tube fittings – elbows, Tube fittings – general, Tube fittings – hygienic, Tube fittings – push in, Tube fittings – screwed, Tube fittings – socket weld, Tube fittings – tees, Tubes – aircraft, Tubes – annealed, Tubes – capillary, Tubes – cryogenic, Tubes – cut pieces, Tubes – drawn, Tubes – general, Tubes – heat exchanger, Tubes – hygienic, Tubes – process, Tubes – round, Tubes – seamless, Tubes – unannealed

Welding and Cutting Products:  Weighing equipment, Welding consumables, Welding wires


Cutting, Blanking and Piercing:  Circling, Laser cutting, Plasma cutting, Sawing, Shearing, Waterjet cutting


Forming:  Metal spinning, Plate rolling, Pressbraking, Presswork, Tube bending, Beam cambering, Induction Bending

Heat Treatment:  Hardening and tempering, Heat treatment – general, Precipitation hardening

Information and Advisory:  Technical advice – general, Technical advice on alloy selection, Technical advice on welding procedures, Technical information, Technical publications

Joining:  Welding, Weld preparation, Welding trials

Machining:  Centreless grinding, General machining, CNC machining

Surface Treatment:  Electropolishing – in-house, Mechanical sheet polishing, Passivating, Pickling, Tube polishing (external), Tube polishing (internal), Mechanical bar polishing, Mechanical plate polishing, Hand polishing, Mechanical polishing of profiles

Testing Services:  Chemical analysis, Corrosion testing, Failure analysis, Inspection services, Mechanical testing, Metallography, Scanning electron miscroscopy

Primary Processing:  Forging