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MPE Ltd offer stainless steel solutions to in-house processing and fabrication and on-site refurbishment and installations.

Stainless Steel Cleaning Specialists
Mechanical Polishing, Electropolishing, Pickling, Bead Blasting, Degreasing Assemblies form the basis of the key specialist services that are undertaken by MPE Limited since 1989 when Managing Director Colin Owen started the business. Since its formation, MPE has seen many changes in local, national and international industry that has required continuous process evolution in order to meet customers expectations.

Electropolishing Stainless Steel
Cleaning, Degreasing, Pickling & Electropolishing, Passivating and Sanitising stainless steel form the core operations of MPE Limited. We develop, manufacture and implement process technologies to remove contamination and damage produced in fabrication and machining operations as well as enhancing and optimising surface properties. Our personnel are surrounded by a wealth of expertise and knowledge gained over many years within the industry. This includes partners and associates that strengthen our ability to supply high quality, up to date chemical & electrochemical technology.

Passivation Of Stainless Steel
The methods and techniques used in the process of stainless steel surface finishing are a technology in their own right and should be fully understood in application and reasons behind the requirement of each process. These processes are categorised as follows:
• Cleaning & Degreasing
• Pickling Of Stainless Steel & Descaling
• Electropolishing
• Passivating
• Sanitising
• Polishing Of Stainless Steel

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Architecture Building and Construction:  Architectural fabrications, Balustrading, Barriers, Fencing, Handrails, Staircase structures, Swimming pool fittings, Architectural metalwork

Fabrications:  Fabricated components, Fabrications – general

Scientific, Technical and Medical:  Hospital equipment, Surgical instruments


Cleaning and Restoration:  Cleaning of buildings, Refurbishment of components, Refurbishment of fabrications, Plant refurbishment

Fabrication:  Installation service for fabrications

Information and Advisory:  Consultancy, Technical advice – general, Technical advice on alloy selection, On-site training

Surface Treatment:  Bead blasting, Descaling, Electropolishing – in-house, Passivating, Pickling, Tube polishing (external), Tube polishing (internal), Mechanical bar polishing, Hand polishing