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Moeschle UK Ltd. was founded in 2002 and is an industry-leader in chemical and process engineering. We design bespoke stainless steel vessels, which are manufactured at our factory in Germany. We have the flexibility to offer the following:

  • Storage tanks
  • PED-compliant vessels
  • Agitation or mixer systems
  • Internal heat transfer coils
  • External heat transfer jackets
  • Insulated tanks
  • Vessel top access systems
  • On-site assembly of vessels up to 1 million litres

We cater to all industries and have a wealth of experience in brewing and distilling, food and drink, dairy, paints and resins, light chemicals, pharma, and many others. We don’t just supply vessels; we are also able to advise on process design. From concept through to manufacture, pipework installation and commissioning – our knowledgeable engineers are always able to offer assistance.

Moeschle has several years of experience serving major engineering projects in a wide variety of market sectors and always has the customers interest at the heart of what we do. By striving to achieve the best results every day, we fulfil our motto: Perfection in Stainless!

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T: 0114 243 4463

Fiona Brown
Technical Design Engineer
0114 243 4463


Architecture Building and Construction: Handrails, Ladders, Stairs, Walkways
Food and Drink Processing: Beer kegs, Boiling pans, Brewery plant, Food processing equipment
Materials Handling: Storage bins
Process Plant: Cooling jackets, Dimple jackets, Dished ends, Heating jackets, Limpet coils, Mixing tanks, Pharmaceutical equipment, Pipework, Pressure vessels, Processing tanks, Tanks, Valves, Vats, Vessels
Tube Products: Flanges, Pipefittings, Pipes, Pipework


Design Services: Piping design, Plant construction projects, Plant design, Process design, Product design, Product design & manufacture, Reverse engineering
Fabrication: Fabrication, Installation service for fabrications, Metal jacketing/cladding/insulation, Pipework
Surface Treatment: Passivating, Pickling