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The name MMP has been associated with mechanical polishing of plastic injection mould tool and the stainless steel industry since 1987. We polish mechanically and electrochemically for many of the largest companies in the filtration, pump, valve and mould tool industries.

Their reasons for polishing stainless steel items range from enhancing its visual appearance to improving the performance and longevity of the stainless steel in the most exacting or hostile environments such as the pharmaceutical, nuclear, water treatment and desalination industries.

Electrovibe was founded out of an increasing requirement of our customers to include both mechanical and electrochemical polishing together. We therefore give our customers the ability to satisfy all their metal and Stainless Steel polishing needs from a single source.

Benefits from MMP Electrovibe :-

Your Mechanical and Electropolishing needs satisfied with one phone call.

Mechanical and Electro polishing completed under one roof.

Minimise transit and the risk of damage involved in multiple transfers.

Less paperwork.

Single invoice.

Wrapped packed and ready to go.

We can collect and deliver with our own transport.

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Surface Treatment:  Bead blasting, Electropolishing – in-house, Mechanical sheet polishing, Passivating, Pickling, Tube polishing (external), Tube polishing (internal), Mechanical bar polishing, Mechanical plate polishing, Mechanical box section polishing, Hand polishing, Mechanical polishing of profiles