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Metalogic are the UK’s biggest supplier of Integrated IT Systems to the Metals Stockholding, Service Centre and Processing Industries.

Building on a wealth of experience within the industry, Metalogic have developed a range of innovative and robust software, hardware and network products specifically designed to meet the needs of the Steel, Aluminium, Special Alloys and Non Ferrous Metals businesses.

Our customers handle every form of material including Coil, Sheet and Plate, Bars, Sections, Meshes, Pipe and Tube, Fittings and Manufactured Components, Billets and Ingots. They undertake every kind of process that these products are subject to and our systems are in use at many of Europe’s leading suppliers of Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Tool Steel and Structural Steel, Aluminium, Copper and Brass, Titanium and Special Alloys.

Our systems enable our customers worldwide to operate at their maximum potential and capacity. Our software applications are designed to meet the unique requirements of Metal Stockholders, Processors and Distributors and we offer a complete suite of internet based Stock, Customer Transportation Management and Tracking Systems.

Our specialist consultants are equipped with the relevant metals, business or technical qualifications and experience to ensure that all parties have a full understanding of your issues and requirements.

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