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MEPS International Ltd. is a leading provider of steel purchase prices and forecasts, covering twenty-eight countries worldwide, through their regular monthly reports. Details of the company’s main publications are shown on their website. Additional steel price data and a free news service is available.

The company’s client base includes a wide range of multinational corporations, plus a significant number of major industrial and commercial enterprises which are affected by changes in the price of steel in both the near term and future. These include organisations operating in construction, energy, transportation, packaging, and a number of other manufacturing sectors of industry.

MEPS developed its unique method of steel price discovery in the early 1980’s as the need for accurate price data was required after the “manifest crisis” in the EU steel industry at that time. This has proved a popular reference over the subsequent years.

All MEPS published prices relate to values for deals concluded – not mill offers. The latest purchase figures agreed in the market are obtained through discussions with steel buyers. Included in the dialogue, is an exchange of information relating to market conditions – undertaken on a confidential basis.

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Stainless Steel Review

The MEPS Stainless Steel Review is an invaluable monthly guide to international stainless-steel prices and includes the latest global stainless steel industry analysis.

You will receive a monthly publication featuring an abundance of primary research, professional analysis, and country-specific benchmark stainless steel prices. The guide is concise, user-friendly and aims to help you negotiate prices with your customers and suppliers, as well as understand the latest factors influencing the stainless-steel market.

Stainless Steel Prices

MEPS stainless-steel prices are computed from an arithmetic average of prices in the geographical area. Prices are collected in the appropriate local currency and converted into US dollars to provide a basis for comparison.

Stainless Steel Forecasts

Welcome to MEPS Steel Price Forecasts, where you will find expertly formulated and dependable 12-month worldwide steel price forecasts across a range of Stainless-Steel products like Cold Rolled Coil (304 and 316), Bright Dawn Bar(316) and Hot Rolled Plate(316) etc.

We pride ourselves in delivering reliable steel price forecasts that are essential to both multinational corporations and local manufacturing businesses.


Prices & Indices

We bring our customers independently researched benchmark carbon and stainless-steel prices and indices from across the globe.

Steel Price Forecasts

Cost-effective 12-month steel price forecasts are available for a multitude of finished steel products, suitable for companies of all sizes and requirements.

Monthly Steel Reviews

Our popular range of monthly steel reviews was launched in 1984. Our independent and exclusive publications cover the global steel market, spanning 28 countries across 5 continents.

Steel Outlooks

MEPS Steel Outlooks are comprehensive long-term forecast reports that bring you the latest 5-year predictions for steel prices and production.