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Homer Burgess Ltd was founded in 1958 and incorporated in 1974. It is a mechanical engineering company offering fabrication, site installation, repair and maintenance services.

From its base in Dumfries, Homer Burgess now serves customers across a wide range of industries including plastics, utilities, defence and bulk manufacturing. Homer Burgess is managed by its principal shareholders Stephen Burgess and Linda Burgess, respectively Managing Director and Finance Director.

Homer Burgess has built a reputation for service quality and excellence, which has embedded Homer Burgess as a trusted service provider. Homer Burgess invests in employee training and development and has offered in-house apprenticeships since the mid 1990’s. This has left Homer Burgess with low levels of staff turnover, employees with a wide understanding of HB’s operations and a strong second tier management team.

Homer Burgess – Core Products & Services

Manufacture and Installation of Stainless Steel Pipework, Tanks, Vessels, Ductwork, Machinery and Associated Support Structures and Access Systems

Architectural Fabrications

Commonly used grades of Stainless Steel are: G304, G304L, G316, G316L, G303 and G321

Customer Base: Municipal Water, Food Processing, Industrial Production, Defence, Renewables

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Burgess House
Garroch Business Park
United Kingdom

T: 01387 261027

Stephen Burgess
Managing Director


Architecture Building and Construction:  Architectural fabrications, Architectural metalwork

Engineering Plant and Components:  Machined components

Fabrications:  Fabricated components, Fabrications – general, High temperature fabrications, Platforms

Food and Drink Processing:  Food processing equipment

Heating and Ventilation:  Ductwork

Process Plant:  Mixing tanks, Processing tanks, Tanks, Vessels

Water and Sewage Treatment:  Effluent treatment equipment


Fabrication:  Installation service for fabrications