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Graepels is a family run Engineering Company, manufacturing products made from Perforated Sheet Metal, Woven Wire Mesh and Rubber.

Graepels work with a broad range of customers from Architects, Engineers, Artists, Designers, Contractors and Subcontractors to our customers in Quarrying and Recycling. Our aim is to grow, research and develop innovative solutions for our customers. Our Engineered products are manufactured to meet customers exact specifications and requirements.

Graepels are committed to manufacturing quality products, which is why we invest our time and money into our expert tooling department and machinery leading the way for Industry standards. We specialise in both standard and bespoke Engineered metal products. Graepels are a member of EuroPerf, The Voice of the European Metal Perforating Industry.

“Europerf provides the foundation to develop increased standards and best practice policies within the perforation industry.”
Fred Graepel President of Euro Perf 2014-2016, MD Graepels.

In addition to manufacturing Perforated Sheets, Woven Wire Mesh and Rubber, Graepels services include but are not limited to; Levelling, rolling, folding, bolt holing, welding. All of our products are UKAS EN 1S0 quality assured and we use only the highest quality materials.

Our products are manufactured to your drawing specifications or fabricated from our standard/bespoke range. Graepels have a huge range of Decorative Metal Sheets and Woven Wire Patterns to choose from.

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Unit 5, Burtonwood Md. Centre
Phipps Lane, Burtonwood
United Kingdom

T: 01925 229 809

Katy Graepel
Marketing Manager
01925 229 809

Tony O’Connor
General Manager
+353 (0) 21 477 2105

Fred Graepel
Managing Director
+353 (0) 21 477 2105

Marketing Executive
+353 (0) 21 477 2105


Architecture Building and Construction:  Architectural fabrications, Balustrading, Barriers, Canopies, Columns, Drainage channels, Drainage systems, Entrance screens, Fascia cladding, Fencing, Flooring components, Floorplate, Gates, Gratings, Gullies, Ladders, Shopfronts, Staircase structures, Stairs, Support systems, Walkways, Wall cladding, Wall ties, Architectural metalwork

Electrical Plant:  Enclosures

Fabrications:  Fabricated components, Fabrications – general, Platforms

Fasteners:  Washers

Flat Products (Coil, Sheet, Strip, Plate):  Sheet – embossed, Sheet – rigidised

Food and Drink Processing:  Abbatoir equipment, Food processing equipment, Bakery equipment

Heating and Ventilation:  Ventilation systems, Insect mesh

Long Products (Bar, Rod and Wire):  Wire

Materials Handling:  Sieves, Storage bins, Strainers

Process Plant:  Cooling jackets, Cooling panels, Filter trays, Filters, Heating jackets, Pharmaceutical equipment


Street Furniture:  Litter bins, Sculptures, Seats, Street furniture – general

Wire Mesh:  Wire mesh – welded, Wire mesh – woven

Catering:  Insect mesh

Domestic:  Insect mesh


Cutting, Blanking and Piercing:  Notching, Piercing, Punching, Shearing, Woven mesh cutting, Welded mesh cutting


Forming:  Bending, Plate rolling, Pressbraking, Section bending

Information and Advisory:  Technical advice – general, Technical information

Machining:  CNC machining

Design Services:  Reverse engineering, Product design, Product design & manufacture