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Our head office, manufacturing and distribution centre is based in Bamber Bridge near Preston, North West England, we specialise in the manufacturing, supply and processing of stainless steel precision slit coil, stainless steel wire, metal jacketing for oil and gas pipelines along with stainless steel banding, complimented by a wide range of other stainless steel fixing products and ancillaries. From our head office we control manufacturing, sales, distribution and logistics throughout the UK and around the world. We were established in 1998 the majority of our staff come from the stainless steel industry so there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that have helped us become one of the leading independent stainless steel suppliers in the UK.

We are the largest UK distributor of stainless steel wire in addition we offer in house precision slitting, blanking and edge dressing / deburring. We keep a range of standard size sheet & plates for ex stock delivery. We specialise in the manufacture of metal jacketing or cladding used in the thermal Insulation industry and for many other power and cladding applications. We manufacture painted stainless steel sheet and coil (PVDF) our brand is Coolmet® which can be supplied with a moisture barrier or sound barrier Soundmet®. We can supply moisture barriers on stainless steel Aluminium and Aluzinc we can also coat with Tedlar®. All these products can also be supplied in a range of corrugations or profiles. These are usually secured with our range of banding, seals, screws, rivets, tying wire or toggle latches.

Working closely with Sheffield Hallam University we have developed several new products including our Bandfix® Eco seals, Soundmet® the revolutionary new cladding that incorporates metal bonded to Mass loaded vinyl, and Coolmet® a PVDF coated stainless steel that reflects heat away and increases corrosion resistance. Coolmet® is also available for architectural application with a full range of colours available on our web site. We were one of the first Independent stainless steel suppliers to be awarded CE approval for CPR 305/2011 by Lloyds of London.

We are truly global supplier to a wide range of customers and industries around the world including Europe, Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East in total we have exported to over 35 countries. Supplying many LNG projects from Australia to Papua New Guinea we are experts in working with major projects controlling both the quality of the materials and the logistics of supply. The long term aim for BS Stainless having significantly increased its Global supply base is to continue to expand internationally in to new markets by developing new and innovative products.

We have also launched a new online tool to calculate outer diameters (OD’s), weights and lengths of coils (often done manually from a chart):

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Mark Almond
Sales Director


Fasteners:  Banding, Bolts, Clips, Fasteners – general, Nails, Nuts, Rivets, Screws, Strapping

Flat Products (Coil, Sheet, Strip, Plate):  Blanks, Coil, Cold rolled flat products, Copper clad stainless steel, Foil, Hot rolled flat products, Hot rolled lengths, Notched flat products, Pierced flat products, Plasma cut pieces, Plates, Polished coil, Polished plate, Polished sheet, Precision strip, Sheet – coated, Sheet – general, Sheet – mirror finish, Slit flat products, Strip, Laser cut pieces, Cold sawn pieces

Long Products (Bar, Rod and Wire):  Bars – bright drawn, Bars – bright ground, Bars – flat, hot rolled, Bars – flat, rolled edge, Bars – free machining, Bars – general, Bars – round, Tying wire, Wire, Wire – profile, Wire – round, Wire products, Wire rod

Sections:  Angles, Channels, Profiles – cold drawn, Profiles – cold rolled, Profiles – general, Sections – cold formed, Sections – special, cold drawn, Sections – special, cold rolled

Welding and Cutting Products:  Weighing equipment, Welding consumables, Welding electrodes, Welding wires

Electrical Plant:  Sound proofing (mass loaded vinyl)

Fabrications:  Sound Proofing (Mass Loaded Vinyl)

Heating and Ventilation:  Sound proofing (mass loaded vinyl)

Industrial Appliances and Equipment:  Sound proofing (mass loaded vinyl)

Ships and Marine:  Sound proofing (mass loaded vinyl)

Wire Mesh:  Wire mesh – welded, Wire mesh – woven


Coil Processing:  Decoiling, Slitting, Edge rolling (narrow coil), Deburring, Edge profiling, Coil Rewinding, Painting Coil and Sheet

Cutting, Blanking and Piercing:  Blanking, Plasma cutting, Shearing


Forming:  Pressbraking, Section bending

Information and Advisory:  Advisory

Surface Treatment:  Mechanical sheet polishing, Protective coating, Shot peening, Mechanical polishing of profiles

Wire Processing:  Wire shaping/ flattening, Wire winding