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Brown McFarlane stocks one of the largest ranges of stainless steel, Duplex and Super Duplex steel plate in Europe. Concentrating on wide, large area plate up to 3 metres wide and 12 metres long you can substantially reduce your fabrication costs by purchasing optimum sized plates for your project from Brown McFarlane.

Available in a wide range of specifications and thicknesses plates can be shipped to any destination worldwide.

Plates can be cut to any size or shape you require and can also be cut to your drawings utilising our high definition plasma machines or by laser cutting or water jet cutting.

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David Smith
Stainless Sales Manager
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Lyndsey Bowden
Stainless Sales
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Neil Bell
Stainless Sales
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Flat Products (Coil, Sheet, Strip, Plate):  Blanks, Circles, Hot rolled flat products, Hot rolled lengths, Plasma cut pieces, Plates, Polished plate, Polished sheet, Waterjet cut pieces, Laser cut pieces, Angle profiled pieces


Cutting, Blanking and Piercing:  Blanking, Circling, Cutting gases selection, Flame profile cutting, Laser cutting, Plasma cutting, Waterjet cutting

Forming:  Plate rolling

Testing Services:  Chemical analysis, Corrosion testing, Failure analysis, Inspection services, Mechanical testing, Metallography, Scanning electron miscroscopy, Testing services