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Bodycote Hardingscentrum B.V. is a member company of Bodycote International Group Plc. The company specializes in surface case hardening of stainless steels and a number of nickel-based alloys. The well proven method, known as Kolsterising, whereby carbon is introduced into the surface at temperatures well below conventional treatments, such as gas/plasma carburising and nitriding, produces a hard wear resistant surface in excess of around 1200 Hv 0.05 (Vickers).

This hardening treatment reduces surface wear of stainless alloys without affecting the inherent corrosion resistance or product dimension/finish. It can even improve these characteristics in the case of ferrite free and molybdenum containing stainless steels. The fields of application for Kolsterized surfaces includes automotive, valve manufacturing, marine, fastener, food/beverage, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

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Heat Treatment:  Hardening and tempering, Heat treatment – general, Nitriding, Precipitation hardening, Surface hardening

Surface Treatment:  Coating, Protective coating