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Behringer Ltd is the subsidiary of the parent company Behringer GmbH, in Kirchardt, Germany, a manufacturer of high performance band sawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment. Behringer Ltd is located in Pitstone, Bedfordshire.

Behringer Ltd is an established service centre and offers technical support and solutions covering its comprehensive range of products including:

High performance heavy duty, Behringer, Behringer Eisele and Vernet Behringer machines comprising of:

Billet cutting band saws and circular saws

Mitre cutting band saws and circular saws

Plate saws

Saw/drill/milling lines, Plate processing centres, Angle lines

Associated handing to suit specific customer requirements

The key to the high quality of our product is based on two primary factors:

The research, design, and testing, that BEHRINGER invests in the process,

Behringer controls the manufacturing process internally, with its own foundry and machining centres, to assure the highest quality and availability of materials.

With over 90 years in metal saw manufacturing, Behringer has positioned itself as the technological leader in the industry. Behringer Ltd offers technical support and after sales service commensurate with the quality of its products.

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Unit 1, Quarry Court
Pitstone Green Business Park
United Kingdom

T: 01296 668 259

Simon Smith
Managing Director


Cutting, Blanking and Piercing:  Notching, Plasma cutting, Sawing, Shearing

Information and Advisory:  Technical advice – general

Surface Treatment:  Painting, Shot blasting