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Atlas Industrial Chemical Cleaning, Metal Pickling & Passivation Services.

We provide all Industrial Chemical Cleaning Processes such as pickling, de-scaling, acid cleaning and passivation of equipment, plant and pipework on site or off site.

For more than a century Atlas Industrial Services has been using chemical cleaning and decontamination processes such as pickling, de-scaling, acid cleaning and passivation to restore and improve the efficiency and extend the working life of equipment, plant, tanks, vessels and pipework on site or off site in our depots in Hartlepool, Barking and Wishaw.

Now regarded as the most experienced chemical cleaning operator in this highly specialist field, Atlas Industrial Services continues its policy of investment in chemical cleaning key areas such as technical support, product development and offers three fully equipped operation centres providing a comprehensive range of chemical cleaning products to an international market.

Our Chemical cleaning company was formed in 2002 after the purchase of the Atlas Clensol business from the Shanks Group. Atlas Clensol was an amalgamation of Atlas Products and Services and Clensol each leaders in their respective expertise in chemical cleaning and cleaning product manufacturing, Atlas since 1905 and Clensol since 1927.

Atlas Industrial specialises in providing fast and cost-effective on or off–site chemical cleaning operations:

On-site Chemical Cleaning
Atlas Industrial specialises in providing fast and cost-effective on-site chemical cleaning operations which minimise disruption during pre-commissioning and planned maintenance of plant.
Experienced teams of operators supported by specialist engineers and chemists, have the proven ability to plan and carry out the most complex chemical cleaning and decontamination operations to meet tight time scales and maintenance schedules.

Depot-based Chemical Cleaning Services
Pre-installation cleaning of pipework, castings and assemblies to remove contaminants which occur during manufacture will save time and resources during commissioning. Atlas is equipped to provide a full depot-based range of services.

Chemical Cleaning Facilities
Facilities include pickling tanks capable of treating non-standard pipe lengths and shapes, pumping rigs and clean areas.

Atlas Chemical Cleaning Products
Rust and scale removers, degreasers, penetrating fluids and de-coking products have been formulated by Atlas to meet the specific needs of a diverse range of industrial applications. In demand by end-users all over the world, they are subject to continual review by the company’s dedicated product team.

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Tube Products:  Tubes – textured, Tubes – unannealed, Tubes – welded

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Surface Treatment:  Descaling, Passivating, Pickling