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We are striving to become the leading industry catalyst in stainless steel and specialties.

Our passion, agility and ingenuity have the power to change our world.

Who are Aperam?

Aperam is a global player in stainless steel with 2.5mt of flat stainless steel capacity in Europe and Brazil. The Company is also a leading producer of high value-added specialty products, including electrical steel and nickel alloys.

Our production capacity is concentrated in six production facilities located in Brazil, Belgium and France. Aperam is unique by its capability to produce stainless and specialties from low cost Biomass/Charcoal.

Aperam benefits also from a highly integrated network (16 service centers), 8 transformation facilities (welded tubes, precision strip, flat bars) and 19 sales offices.

Our key competitive strengths:

  • We place our priority on health and safety and are committed to sustainability
  • We are a leading and geographically well-positioned stainless and specialty steel producer
  • A competitive industrial platform
  • A diversified product offering with a leading position in nickel alloys, supported by leading research and development capabilities
  • Value accretion beyond stainless production
  • Resilient profitability, efficient cash flow management and a solid financial structure
  • Talented and dynamic Leadership Team and motivated workforce

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9 Midland Way
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T: 01246 571 660

Richard Grayson
Business Manager – End Users
01246 571 670

John Cocker
Business Manager – Distributors
01246 571 669

David Barker
Business Manager
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Architecture Building and Construction:  Chequered plate, Drainage channels, Drainage systems, Fascia cladding, Floorplate, Roofing panels, Wall cladding, Wall ties, Terne coated stainless steel

Automotive:  Automotive trim


Flat Products (Coil, Sheet, Strip, Plate):  Blanks, Circles, Coil, Cold rolled flat products, Hot rolled flat products, Hot rolled lengths, Plates, Polished coil, Polished plate, Polished sheet, Precision strip, Sheet – coated, Sheet – general, Sheet – patterned, Sheet – rigidised, Slit flat products, Strip, Sheet – bead blasted, Cold sawn pieces

Primary Products:  Slabs


Information and Advisory:  Advisory